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Oakville Citizen Survey Does Not Match Census Demographics

On Monday May 6, Oakville Town Council was presented with the results of the “2013 Citizen Survey”. The survey polled 800 Oakville residents on the performance of the Town of Oakville  in various sectors and services.

The entire survey can be viewed here: http://oakville.ca/assets/general%20-%20town%20hall/CitizenSurveypresent2013.pdf

While the Citizen Survey is definitely an effective and relatively inexpensive tool in assessing the needs of citizens, there is a discrepancy in the demographics that were polled. 

For example, the 2011 Census identified that 17.4% of the residents of Oakville are between the ages of 45 and 54. However, in the 2013 Oakville Citizen Survey, 29% of the respondents were part of this age group. An oversample of 12.4%.

The following table provides a break down of the Citizen Survey demographics compared to the 2011 Census data.

Figure 1.1, Citizen Survey Data vs. 2011 Census

Age Group Citizen Survey 2011 Census Difference
18-24 6.0% 14.0%* -8.0%
24-34 17.0% 9.0% 8.0%
35-44 18.0% 15.6% 2.4%
45-54 29.0% 17.4% 12.4%
55-64 13.0% 17.7% -4.7%
65+ 16.0% 12.9% 3.1%

* The 2011 Census Data only provides numbers for the 15-24 age bracket. In reality, the 14% is actually closer to 10%. 

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