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BUDGET 2013: Transit Overhaul Needed

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment
If we are serious about reducing gridlock in Oakville, which is increasingly becoming a significant problem, we need to not only make transit more accessible, but also more affordable.A bus trip from one end of Oakville to the other averages around 1 hour in length.

Transit fares in Oakville have increased from $2.75 per ride in 2008 to $3.25 in 2012. An increase of .50 cents per ride or 18.2%.

If we are serious about reducing gridlock, we need to:

a) Increase the frequency of buses and extend their operating hours. Most buses only run until 10:25pm on weekdays and Saturdays and until 7:25pm on Sundays and Holidays. People using Oakville Transit after these times will likely face an increased travel time.

b) Decrease transit fares, or offer a discount for commuters who are leaving their vehicle at home.

What incentive is there for someone commuting to Toronto via the GO Train to leave their car at home and take the bus to the GO Station instead? Why would someone spend an extra 30min to an hour on a bus to get to the GO Station, when they can get in their car and be there in 5-10 minutes?

VOTE for the Town of Oakville to consider this issue during the 2013 Budget negotiations.

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